Palm Power Pocket Extended 3 Silicone massager Heads

Palm Power Extended 3 Silicone Massager Heads from BMS Enterprise. Expand your world of pleasure with the PalmPocket Extended silicone attachments. This set of 3 silicone heads easily attaches to the PalmPower Pocket, allowing you to achieve different, breathtaking sensations every time! The set includes: 1. Palm Bunny with two pleasure tips surrounded by textured nubs for a sensual massage. 2. Palm Brush with raised bristles for added stimulation. 3. Palm Pawn with one rounded point for pinpoint pleasure and accuracy. Key features: 3 Palm Pocket attachments: Palm Bunny, Palm Brush, Palm Pawn. 100% silicone material.. Easy to attach. Phthalate free. Soft and smooth to the touch.
Vibrators > Body massagers
Purchase:  Price: $15.49

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