Royal Wand massager

Royal Wand Massager from California Fantasties is an ergonomically designed medium size, wand massaging vibrator, made of high quality, body friendly, odorless and comfortable silicone. Designed for continuous and effortless use, specially for those who love to play in the shower . Ideal for couples and single ladies. Travelling the world with it, makes it real fun. 100% discreet design and if you are ever asked, it is your muscle soothing and relaxing massager. Toybox by California Fantasies is a collection that invites you to explore a world of pleasure and playfulness, where intimate experiences are transformed into unforgettable adventures. Positive exploration: The collection encourages open minded exploration and communication between partners, fostering deeper connections. Experience the thrill of exploration and pleasure with Toybox by California Fantasies, where quality, variety, and innovation come together to create a playground of enjoyment and connection. Barcode 5070000979632. Categories: Vibrators, Magic Wands, Body massagers , Palm Size Massagers, Health and Beauty Aids. 2024.
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Purchase:  Price: $43.29

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