Fantasy For Her Power Wand Rechargeable Purple

Fantasy For Her Her Power Wand Rechargeable Body massager from Pipedream Products . For as long as she could remember, wands had always been her favorite sex toy s and she was thrilled with her new hand picked wand: Her Rechargeable Power Wand. She loved its rechargeable convenience and enjoyed not worrying about wires or cords getting in the way of her play. Now was the perfect time for a personal pleasure session. She locked her door and took out Her Rechargeable Power Wand.

The silicone head was silky smooth and instantly started to warm to her own body temperature as she caressed her inner thighs. She pressed the power button to activate the motor, then pressed again to start the deep, rumbling vibrations. Mmmmm, this was the stress reliever she needed! The lengthy handle allowed her to lean back comfortably and still be able to reach her most sensitive areas.

The flexible neck maneuvered with her as she held against the round head. She pressed the plus button again and again to intensify the vibrations. Her mind wandered and fantasies filled her head as the rumbling stimulation resonated deeply into her throbbing clitoris. She knew she was so close to climaxing but wanted to extend her fun a little longer, she pressed the minus button to slow the vibrations and pressed the power button to cycle through patterns to find one that intimately teased her senses.

Her head snapped back and a throaty moan pressed through her lips as an intense orgasm filled her body with the most incredible pleasure. She felt her heartbeat in time with the sensations rushing through her. She smiled to herself and thought, there is nothing more heavenly than an orgasm from Her Rechargeable Power Wand. It is all about Her.

Operating instructions: Rechargeable via the included USB cord. Power On/Off: Press and hold the center power button to activate standby mode. Press again to cycle through 10 patterns of vibration. Press the + / – buttons to intensify or decrease vibration strength through 5 power levels. Press and hold the center power button to turn off. Care instructions: cleanup is easy after the fun with Refresh Toy Cleaner and warm water. Please do not submerge. Size 13 inches in length by 2.25 inches. bulk weight 10.25 ounces.
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Purchase:  Price: $79.99

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