Palm Power Plug & Play Pink Body massager

The Palm Power has been a favourite among customers around the world since its introduction. Now, BMS Factory is offering a newer version of this favorite sex toy . The Palm Power Plug & Play, that provides you with a super charged relaxing massage with phenomenal intensity. The Palm Power Plug & Play is USB powered and requires no batteries!

Unlike the Original Palm Power, the Palm Power Plug & Play can be powered anytime and anywhere through the portable power bank included with this pack. The PalmPower power bank has a power of 2600mAh and comes in a pretty fuchsia color. There is 8 inches USB cord attached to the Palm Power for more mobility. The Palm Power Plug & Play works with all current Palm Power Attachments using the T lock guide to keep the attachments secure and in place during use. Easily pop the removable silicone head off and replace with any other Palmpower attachment for different sensations.
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Purchase:  Price: $72.99

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